Initial questions:

1) Do  CallHub volunteers have to sign new confidentiality agreements for each new phonebanking effort? Each year/election cycle? Or do they just need to be tagged once?

Answer from Heidi Burch: 

Once a volunteer signs up for CallHub, they remain an "Active CallHub volunteer" for all future campaigns. They don't need to submit a new confidentiality agreement to work on future campaigns.

To get the "Active Callhub Volunteer" tag, you need to complete the signup, which include the CA. So yes, a search for that tag would find anyone who agreed to a CA.

YET: As regards the CA from the db admin/officer point of view, once someone signs and submits the confidentiality form (the one that goes on the wiki) they are covered till the end of time. BUT - people who click to indicate agreement with the CallHub form and then later become an admin, they do need to submit the signed form on the Wiki.

2) Once I have a list of members tagged for Confidentiality Signed, I can create a list, and generate a printable PDF, but I can't figure out how to modify a theme to include their email addresses on the printout, since the existing public ones don't include email and I don't see an option if I create my own theme.

hese printed lists are maddening. I know that Charity in Greece recently spent some time exploring them. But if you'd like, let me know what tag you're using "Confidentiality Signed" for the people who have actually uploaded a signed form on our wiki, or else the tag used to identify the CallHub people who clicked their agreement and we can make an excel spreadsheet for you which may be easier to work with.