Question:  I had a question about immigration policies for american citizens that live in Europe and are married to Europeans. I would love to get in touch with people in my same situation. Is there anywhere I can be redirected?


Are you referring to EU immigration policies for US citizens wanting to live in Europe long term, or US immigration policies for EU citizen spouses to US citizens who want to move to the US long term?

Unfortunately, Democrats Abroad does not have legal experts with regards to either of these topics, but sometimes our members have personal experience with them and can recommend lawyers or immigration experts. Please tell us which country  you live in. Are you active in your local chapter of Democrats Abroad?

You can try a few facebook groups for Americans living in your country here: by searching for "Americans in YOURCOUNTRY".  You may also have some luck if you contact local leaders/members who attend events hosted by Democrats Abroad.
You will find local contacts listed on this site, as well as upcoming events where you can meet them in person:
The best advice is probably from immigration lawyers who are familiar with US immigration and EU citizenship.