And just so you know, when people run into a problem like this (Voter account exists for an email and 2 people use that email address), I think they can bypass it and continue on by clicking on "Continue Without Creating an Account":

Also, I put together some of the "standard" responses I use and also images to attach to illustrate the directions for the new voter help desk volunteers. You probably already have something like this, but in case it's helpful, here's a link: Voter Help Desk: Standard Responses and Images to Attach--July 2018 

New York message on downloading the ballot:

Here's the scoop from Eileen at GOTV:

"Yes,  this is a normal form of electronic ballot delivery. That’s why the  option on the FPCA says “Email or online”, which we shorthand sometimes  with “email” because usually online delivery will be accompanied by an  email notification. Some states make ballots available this way, rather  than email attachment. The ballot still needs to be downloaded, printed  and returned. And in the case of New York, the ballot must be returned  by mail. Since there are so many differences among states, voters need  to carefully follow the return instructions they receive with their  ballot. "